Guide to Following a Good Feeding Routine for Pups

Guide to Following a Good Feeding Routine for Pups

It is important to follow a routine when it comes to feeding the pups. Feeding the pups well is always the priority but it is crucial to learn how much to give and how many times to give. A pup needs a lot of nutrition as the physical structure is still growing. From bones to muscles and tissues to cells, the little ones need the right kind of nutrition to supplement the growth.

How much to feed – This depends on the kind of breed, the age, weight and overall physical structure. The daily intake of calories can start from 125 and can go up to 2000 depending upon the size and weight of the pup. If the pup weighs around 5lb, it might need at least 400 calories a day and a 25lb pup might need 1200 calories in a given day. The average calorie intake for a 3 to 5 month old pup would be 250 for a 5lb pup and 850 for a 25lb pup. Puppy feeding charts are made available by the pet food brands. Pet parents who are doubtful can always follow the chart or ask the vet for recommendations.

Nutrition Requirement – The essential nutrients in the food include proteins, calcium phosphorus, fat and DHA for brain development. The food given to a puppy might different in the amount of nutrients when compared to an adult dog. Pet parents have to be careful and not overdose the pets with a certain kind of vitamins. For giant breeds, the amount of calcium, phosphorus and protein must be perfect for a steady growth as well as to avoid orthopaedic issues. Most of the brands develop formulas for different age groups. So, finding the right food shouldn’t be a problem.

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